Monday, March 11, 2013

Yoga: How I Have Missed You

*Definitely not me... but it sure is pretty! 
A friend recently invited me to join her for a casual, easy breezy session of yoga.  "It'll be fun!", she said.  "It's easy!", she said.  You are not mistaking if you sense hesitation in my virtual voice.  I have not "yoga'd" in about half a year.  The idea of doing anything athletic and bendy in skin-tight spandex was not exactly appealing to this out of shape, winter binge eating lady.  But the little fatty inside me knew, it was time to get back at it.  "Let's do it!", I said.

After a full day of lounging about and napping at my leisure, it was finally time to check off my one to do list for the day.  Yoga, check!  I head over to Yoga To The People.  Upon arrival, I am immediately overwhelmed.  The studio is on the fifth floor, of a walkup... I am so out of shape that even getting to yoga was kicking my butt.

I finally make it to the studio, ohmigawd...  What a gorgeous studio!  I may have gasped a little it was so nice.  Not even kidding, highly recommend that you check this studio out.  Beautiful shiny and clean wooden floors.  Streams of sunlight shining through.  Amazing views of the city.  My breath was taken away.

The yoga practice in and of itself was great too.  Not intimidating at all!  Phew.  You can move at your own pace, but probably better for people who are at least faintly familiar with yoga terms and poses.  But you can definitely cheat and look at what everyone else is doing.  Monkey see monkey do right??  It's not technically Bikram Yoga, but it gets hot up in there.  At one point, I just couldn't take it anymore and took the tee shirt off.  Wanna talk about motivation!?  Take your shirt off in a hot yoga session.  You become VERY aware of your pose, stance, and desire to tone up.

This is a donation based yoga studio.  I saw people donate anywhere from $0-$20.  I mean, it's your karma.  Do what you want.  As for me, I very much enjoyed my time there and donated what I could.  Yoga To The People is hands down one of the better yoga studios I have been too, and I have definitely paid more at less satisfying studios.  So get off your fat little butts and hike it over to the studio!  I hope this inspires you to rediscover yoga like I did.  Namaste netizens!

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