Thursday, February 28, 2013

The People Need a Karaoke PSA

Ahhh... Karaoke... such a fun pastime.  I honestly debate hosting every event at a local karaoke joint.  EVERY.EVENT. "Your birthday is coming up!  How do you feel about karaoke??"  "Going away party... karaoke!?"  "Mazel-tov!!  Karaoke time??"  Simply put, karaoke is the shizznit.  You can be sober, drunk, tone deaf, or even Celine Freakin' Dion.  Karaoke will never turn its back on you.

As fun/amazing/life-altering as karaoke is, there are guidelines.  Take a gander below and avoid being "that" person.  You know "that" person.  The one that picks a 10 minute slow song.  The ones that think they're trying out for American Idol.  Yeah... that guy.  Just don't do it.

Short Songs
Pick a freaking normal length song.  Everyone is waiting for their turn and its not the "(enter your name) Show".  No one wants to sit there listening to you yell into the mic for an ungodly length of time.

Crowd Pleasing Song Choices
Know your audience.  Play to the crowd.  What other trite sayings can I use here?  Essentially, pick good songs.  Choose upbeat, popular, and engaging songs.  "Uptown Girl", "Baby Got Back", "Hotel California", these are guaranteed crowd pleasers.  Avoid sappy, break up, R&B, no hit wonders.

Get Into It
It's severely annoying to karaoke with someone who's just SOOO above it all.  Get over yourself.  Have a fun time, cry later.

Calm The Eff Down
The reverse of above.  You're not freaking Whitney Houston reincarnate.  You probably sound amazing (I'm giving you the benefit of the doubt here), but karaoke is like an elementary school play.  Be a good sport and let everyone have their moment.  No need to be the shining star. We'll all just talk shit about you anyway.  Probably because we're just jealous and drunk.  But we're still going to do it.  You've been warned.

I'm sure there's more.  But these are my immediate major karaoke pet peeves.  Let me know if I've missed any of yours!  Happy karaoke-ing people.

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