Wednesday, October 24, 2012

That Hipsters Use "Knapsacks"

Living in San Francisco, I am fortunate enough for a front and center ticket of the "Hipsters Take Over The World" movement.  It's an epidemic spreading faster than mononucleosis at a horny middle school dance.  This "revolution" can be found in our daily lives, the influence is palpable...

The other day on Muni, I noticed an every day hipster.  They are as common to this city as Lindsay Lohan is to downward spirals.  I didn't bat an eye.  Tight purple jeans, check.  Compulsory plaid, check.  Worn-in gray hoodie, potential iPhone and American Spirits in opposing jean pockets, check check check.  What made me take notice you ask??

In said subject's left hand was a cloth material bandaged up as a lunch pail.  I believe the best descriptor would be to call it a knapsack.  This said Hipster (whom I'll start calling Slade* from here on out) had ingeniously fashioned a raggedy old bandana into a cute, earth-friendly, and colorful lunch knapsack.

Hipster of the day award goes to Slade as he has successfully created a new (to me and all other non-Hipsters) lunch tote that meets the rigid Hipster requirements of being non-conformists, environmentally conscious, and just plain too cool for school, but not really giving a damn that you're too cool for school... even though, you're just like, too cool... for school.

*Slade's given name is Michael.  But that is a lame name.  So he started going by Slade in the 6th grade.  He was always quite cutting edge. 

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